Everything You Need to Know About the Refundable Accommodation Deposit

Everything You Need to Know About the Refundable Accommodation Deposit

When you or an ageing loved one is moving to an aged care home in Australia, you should take note that there are a number of ways to pay for your stay in such a facility. One of them is the refundable accommodation deposit or RAD. Basically, this is described as a lump sum you pay as a deposit when you admit yourself to a care residence, and the balance of which will be fully refunded when you leave the facility. While this sounds very enticing, it is still best to assess this option before using it. Know whether or not it is the best option for your situation.

What Is the RAD

The refundable accommodation deposit is the payment you make for the full cost of your accommodation in an aged care facility. In a way, this form of payment works like a loan that is free of interest by the facility. According to the law, choosing this payment method within 28 days of your admittance will allow you six months to pay the lump sum amount.

As for the balance of the deposit, it will be refunded when you leave the facility. Additional deductions can be made based on certain amounts you and the centre agreed to be taken out. These can include care fees and other extra services. Take note that these agreements should be put in writing as you acquire them for proof documentation.

Historically, RAD replaced the Accommodation Bond, which is a similar payment method used by aged care facilities across Australia.

Funding RAD

Determining how much you are going to pay can be as easy as using the RAD calculator aged care homes in the country usually use. Of course, the amount also varies depending on the facility you are entering. Regardless of the way you determine the cost, you have to figure out a way to pay for it.

Now, the most common means to cover for RAD aged care is using your savings. However, if you do not have enough left in your bank account, you still have other available options.

For one, if no one will be occupying the house of your ageing loved one when they move to an aged care facility, then you can use it to pay for the RAD. You can decide to sell it and use the money for such a purpose. Or, if you do not want to lose your property, you can choose to rent it out and use your earnings, instead.

Primary Benefit of Using RAD

Like other methods of payment for aged care, there are also advantages to using a RAD. Most of all, the amounts put in it will not be deemed as an asset, which means significant pension and tax benefits on your end. However, it also comes with its own set of drawbacks, so it is still important to weigh the pros and cons first before deciding.


Most importantly, you should seek financial advice from the experts before you make your final decision. After you have determined whether or not the refundable accommodation deposit is the best payment method for your situation, then it is time to find the best aged care facility in Australia for you or your elderly. On that note, you can visit https://arcare.com.au/rad-information/.

Crucial Topics PCOS-diagnosed Pregnant Women Need to Talk to their OB Gynaecologist About

Annually, about more than 12% of women in the peak of reproducing ages are diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). An unfortunate thing a part of them who are pregnant excessively worry about their survival. Actually, there’s a good news—a healthy and surviving PCOS pregnancy is indeed possible. If you are from Cairns, all you have to do is to have a realistic and straightforward discussion with a Dr Cairns has these days.

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If you haven’t discussed your antenatal care plan yet, then you must immediately find Cairns doctors from a Cairns family medical centre near you. If you already have, then these are the topics you have to discuss during your initial consultation: Click here SmartClinics

Habits that lead to a normal delivery. During this discussion, you have to divulge your most recent lifestyle and habits to any dr Cairns has these days. They might suggest that you change or continue some habits, either way, this can help you and your baby during delivery time. They will most likely give you a step by step plan if you have difficulties in leaving a lifestyle or breaking a habit. Obviously, if you have risky habits, you must really do your best to stop it right now. In addition, writing your achievements and progress, no matter how small it is, will motivate you.

Diet and other things you should watch out for. According to a Hormone Health Network’s documented info about PCOS-diagnosed pregnant women, their blood sugar is what they should look out for. If you avidly went for blood sugar check-ups before you had a bun in your oven, then you have to double that habit now. Enquire to a dr Cairns has these days about how to schedule a checking routine every after you eat. In addition, most Cairns Plaza doctors would even suggest consulting with a nutritionist for blood glucose-neutralising diet plan.

Limitations of physical activities. Most OB’s suggest PCOS-diagnosed pregnant women tone it down with their physical activities. Start with simple to moderate exercises such as brisk walking, light Yoga, and easy swimming routines. These are good for you if you’re still in your early stages of conceiving.

Breastfeeding methods. During the discussion, it wouldn’t hurt to verify some well-known myths surrounding breastfeeding practices. If you have Diabetes, you must breastfeed your baby to help them build a resistance against obesity and Type 2 Diabetes when they grow up.

Gestational Diabetes inevitability? You can read a lot about women getting Gestational Diabetes during the middle stages of their pregnancy. Enquire if you’re allowed to take Metformin. This drug is mostly partnered with Clomid for infertile women. Some researchers have concluded that Metformin reduces PCOS pregnancy complications, as it lowers high Androgen levels and fights obesity. Moreover, it stabilises insulin resistance and fights Diabetes.

Vitamins you should take/avoid. It’s crucial to inquire about vitamins exclusively for a PCOS pregnancy, as it might be different to what you take before you got pregnant. Nonetheless, most doctors would prescribe folic acid. Eventually, particularly during the first trimester, your folic acid consumption must be minimised. In addition, you must also enquire about taking Vitamin B6, B12, or B9 in case you’re having complications with insulin.

Through having a proper discussion for your antenatal care plan with your OB and a positive mindset, you will have lesser worries about bringing your child into this world despite being diagnosed with PCOS. If you want to book an appointment for the antenatal care plan, you may visit the likes of https://www.smartclinics.com.au/caring-experienced-cairns-doctors/

The Important Benefits of In Home Care

Juggling the daily demands at home, work, and caring for an elderly can be quite frustrating. It can be hard to manage everything by yourself, especially when you work from 9 to 5 and have to take care of other family matters. You are probably planning on sending your elderly loved one to an aged care facility, but being far from them could make their situation worse. More information IN HOME CARE

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It’s not like you don’t trust an aged care residence to do a great job, but your family and an elderly loved might have separation problems.

So what are you going to do? Are there any other alternatives for this? What’s good about choosing in home care for your loved one is that they are able to receive personal care in the comfort of your own home. There are a lot of benefits when you opt for an in-home care, including:

1. Personalised Care
Most seniors fear of losing their independence when they reach a nursing home and tend to become moody when they are already there. This is why they prefer in home care services because they are provided personalised care and caregivers can attend to their needs 24/7. Seniors are still able to engage in daily activities and still get the quality care that they need, including assistance in daily chores, grocery shopping, and meal preparations.

2. Fast Recovery
Many elderly family members are comfortable when they are at home. Knowing that they are close to their families in a familiar surrounding makes them feel safe and confident. If a senior receives personal care at home, they are bound to heal more quickly than those that are in a nursing home because they know that their family members are there to support them every step of the way. You might want to start looking for a home care Brisbane has to offer and check their services.

3. Close to family members.
What better way to receive personal care than to be where your family is? Just because an elderly loved one is suffering from a certain type of illness, does not necessarily mean that you need to send them to a nursing home. Seniors would love nothing else than to be with their family and communicate with them every day. The Home Care Melbourne has allows you to stay together with elderly loved ones.

4. Affordability
Whether you believe it or not, in home care is much more affordable compared to a nursing home. The cost per hour depends on the agency of the caregiver or the pricing models that they provide. There are a lot of agencies that offer affordable packages like the home care Sunshine Coast has. It is best that you list down these agencies and compare their prices before you choose an in-home caregiver.

5. Peace of Mind
Since your elderly loved ones will be receiving care at home, you no longer have to worry about their safety and security because you get to check up on them from time to time. No more long trips to a nursing home and no more worrying about who’s going to visit them during the weekends.

Whenever possible, opt for in-home care. But know that there will be exceptions. Consult with experts at Arcare to know and understand when in-home is no longer applicable and residential care becomes a better option.